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China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC for short) is a comprehensive energy company integrating oil-gas exploration and development , oil refining chemical engineering, sales of oil products, oil -gas storage and transportation, oil trade, engineering & technical services, and oil equipment manufacturing as a whole. CNPC listed No.5 among the 50 large oil companies in the world in the Petroleum Intelligence Weekly of the USA in 2008, and listed No.25 among the 500 top companies in the world in Fortune Magazine of the USA in 2008. [1] According to the report of the British Financial Times on May 30, 2010, the current market value of CNPC has reached 329.3 billion dollars (up to March 31, 2010), listed No.1 among 500 top enterprises in the world; it has become an enterprise with largest market value in the world.
Shanghai Blue Arrow is a Class A supplier of CNPC.

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