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Ambient air temperature should not exceed +40℃ or less than -5℃, and averaged temperature within 24h should not exceed +35℃.
Air should be clean, relevant humidity should not exceed 50% when maximum temperature is +40℃. If the temperature is relatively low, larger relative humidity is allowed.
Pollution level: 3.
Altitude of the installation site should not exceed 2000m.
Seismic intensity should not exceed 8.
When customers have special requirements, they can negotiate with our company and reach agreements.
Framework of the switch cabinet is combined assembly structure, which is assembled with aluminum zinc steel plate and thread forming screws, has good strength and high precision in dimensions.
The installation and maintenance of cabinet can either at the front or the back, which is practical and reliable.
Complete metal-sheathed seal structure, can effectively prevent from spreading of accidents. The low-voltage and high-voltage parts are isolated completely.
Protective level of the switch cabinet is IP4X. It is IP2X while opening, can effectively prevent from human body and outside solid from being close to the live parts, thus can ensure personal safety and reliable operation of equipment.
Five prevention interlocking is simple and reliable, can effectively prevent from misoperation.
The handcart has good exchangeability, thus the replacement of breaker is very convenient.
Pressure release channels are set in the handcart chamber, bus chamber and cable chamber, which can ensure personal safety and prevent from spreading of accident when arc occurs from fault.

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