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Ambient air temperature should not exceed +40℃ or less than -5℃, and averaged temperature within 24h should not exceed +35℃.
Air should be clean, relevant humidity should not exceed 50% when maximum temperature is +40℃. If the temperature is relatively low, larger relative humidity is allowed.
Pollution level: 3.
Altitude of the installation site should not exceed 2000m.
Seismic intensity should not exceed 8.
When customers have special requirements, they can negotiate with our company and reach agreements.
Unique feed mechanism (adopted for frame-type circuit breaker) could not only guarantee locking and displaying at three positions of drawers, but also ensure the primary and secondary plugins not to be damaged because it is pushed in slowly as per turbine worm principle.
The mounting base at the bottom of cabinet has adjustment screw, when foundation is not horizontal, height of the screw can be adjusted to ensure leveling of the switch cabinet.
Since special cabinet body connection design is adopted and the top board is demountable, long bus can be equipped to avoid hot points and fault points of multiple joints when using short bus. Installation of bus is very convenient, it can be placed down from the top instead of threading from the side of the cabinet.
SIVACON 8PT of Siemens is adopted for bus shields, based on which the observation windows of bus are added. The windows can be used for observations and detection of temperatures of primary plugins with infrared ray to avoid over-temperature of plugins and damage.

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