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Ambient air temperature should not exceed +40℃ or less than -5℃, and averaged temperature within 24h should not exceed +35℃.
Air should be clean, relevant humidity should not exceed 50% when maximum temperature is +40℃. If the temperature is relatively low, larger relative humidity is allowed.
Pollution level: 3.
Altitude of the installation site should not exceed 2000m.
Seismic intensity should not exceed 8.
When customers have special requirements, they can negotiate with our company and reach agreements.
Innovative conception and design
The joint design fruit of German Siemens technology and Italian Giugiaro ensures safe and reliable overall performance and beautiful appearance.
Modular design of structure can facilitate installation .
standardized design of installation parts and busbar supporting parts can facilitate assembly and make performance more reliable.
perfect fixing—plug-in structure
The cabinet body is adopted fixed chamber structure. Drawer or plug type of structure adopted for breakers installed for the internal functional units and the highly modular design can greatly facilitate the rapid installation and maintenance of cabinet.
Reliable protection and isolation
According to GB7251.1, baffles or partitions are adopted for inside of units, four internal isolation forms are provided.
Intelligent energy management and strong communication function
Multiple kind of standard bus such as Profibus,DeviceNet,Modbus, etc. can be selected, so that SIKUS can be the intelligent type of low-voltage switch cabinet that can meet centralized energy management demand and can provide standard interfaces for various BA (building automation) systems.

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