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Shanghai Lanjian Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. ( the Chinese people's Liberation Army Shanghai Lanjian electronic control equipment factory ) is a large enterprise specializing in the production of high and low voltage electrical equipment and access to national machinery, power two issued by the Ministry of the high voltage switch cabinet production license and senior-type low-voltage complete sets of equipment production license ( red card ).


The company is the Sinopec Group material and Equipment Corporation and China Petroleum Natural Gas Group Company electric control equipment sentinel production units, is the recommended unit of the national urban and rural power grid renovation electric control equipment manufacturing enterprises. And Baosteel Group and Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and other power system long-term supply unit. The company has strong technical strength, CNC equipment import, garden-style beautiful environment, modern management, won the praise of users.


In 1997 the company passed the IS09001 quality system certification and national certification. In 2003 through the national quality inspection center, CCC compulsory certification. The company or the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology teaching and training base.


GCD21 the company's production of draw-out type switch cabinet, NDC programmable maintenance-free DC screen (SSTE'97 ) series of products won the fourth session of the Shanghai science and technology exposition gold medal and the national product quality management significant honor certificate. The company authorized by the German Siemens company, by way of technical cooperation, the introduction of Siemens SIKUS\/STAB intelligent fixed separated type low voltage switch cabinet and 8BK80-1 metal-clad withdrawable medium voltage switchgear, the product of advanced technology, reliable performance, is a new product of the most ideal.